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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Canadian Assault Forces in Afghanastan

There are Canadians coming home from Afghanistan in wheelchairs and body
Now we're sending 2000 troops on a search and destroy mission in
Khandahar province!
When exactly did the Canadian people consent to having our peacekeepers
deployed as an attack force?
Since when is it a Canadian responsibility to relieve British and
American fighters?
Someone has us in a real bad mess. Are we really ready for more
wheelchairs and body bags?
Shame on our "leaders" for getting us involved in this!
Double shame on each and every one of us if we permit it to continue!


At 11:35 AM, Blogger bike-anarchist said...

I have connected the dots on this one. Before the US invaded Afganistan, the Taliban had virtually eliminated the production of poppies. Prior to the Taliban, poppy production realized ~ 50% of the world's heroin production. Since the US invasion, and subsequent UN "peacekeeping" operations the heroin production is now 60-70% of the world's production. The region of Afganistan that cultivates poppies is the Kandhar region, coincidentally where the CAF are deployed. I desperately need convincing that our forces are not involved in securing the poppy cultivation.


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