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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Time for Harper to show his cards

I must admit that Stephen Harper's recent visit to Afghanistan was a gutsy move. It took some courage to go there.
However, Mr. Harper's visit with our armed forces personnel does not change the fact that there needs to be a debate in parliament about Canada's role in Afghanistan and it needs to happen now.
It is also time for Mr. Harper, and his Minister of Defence Gordon O'Connor, a former lobbyist for arms and munitions interests, to disclose fully, in black and white, any and all contributions made to their election campaigns by arms manufacturers and/or persons with ties to the arms and munitions industries, and the current American administration. They need to do this now, so Canadians can rest assured there is no hidden agenda behind this action.
The Conservatives ran on the premise of transparency and ethics, therefore, in the interest of transparency and ethical governance, it is imperative they reveal this information immediately. It is also time for them to put their money where their mouths were during the election campaign.
Do it now Mr. Harper, so Canadians can confidently and knowledgeably get behind our armed forces.


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