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Friday, January 19, 2007

Harperons go Green!!!

Suddenly, the Harper Conservatives have turned green!
What’s responsible for this unexpected concern for the environment?
Why are they giving money to save Stanley Park, to enhance green technology, and to save our planet?
Could it be the unexpectedly warm weather in Ottawa?
Could it be the dramatic winter on the west coast?
Could it be that every recent poll shows the environment is Canada’s number one election issue, and the Harperons realize they will soon be back in opposition if they don’t get on it now?
Methinks, beyond a doubt, its the latter rather than the former.
How many times when the Harperons were in opposition did we hear them rant and rave about how the Liberals only concern was polls?
How many times did we hear Harper himself express his dismay and shock that the Liberals were more concerned with public opinion than they were about principles?
How many times did we hear the Harperons bemoan the fact that the Liberals were a rutter-less party whose only concern was winning the next election?
How many times did he call the former government opportunists?
How many times did we hear him reiterate the promise that his party would be different, that they would act on principle, not polls, that their mandate would be based on party values, not power?
And now the Harperons are in power, what are we getting?
When Stephen Harper assumed the mantle of Prime Minister it became clear off the top that he had no intention whatsoever of making the environment a priority. In fact, he introduced an environmental policy that did absolutely nothing to address the issue, for at least 50 years. Now, a mere few months later, it has become his number one priority.
Why? I don’t think I need to answer that question for the people of Canada. We’re not stupid, we know why, don’t we?
Fact is, the Harperons were not so much elected as the Liberals were un-elected. We threw the bums out because of their opportunism, their double speak, their flip flopping, and their corruption. We did not elect Harper because he had a better idea. We elected him because we were sick and tired of his predecessors! Now many of us are wondering if that was such a good plan.
And what are we going to do about it?
Well, from what I’m hearing and reading, what we’re going to do is de-elect him, just as we did Mr. Martin. We’re not going to move to a party that has a better environmental policy. We’re not going to elect a bunch of independents because we want to send a message. We’re not going to move left. No, we’re going to elect anyone at all! We’re simply going to de-elect the current devil and, in all likelihood, put the old devil, who we know a little better, back in office.
The polls say the environment is our number one issue. If that’s true, we’d be on the verge of electing either a Green or an NDP majority. Instead, we’re most likely going to give the Liberals a minority. Why?
Seems to me we’ve got ourselves in a position where we can no longer go to the polls with the intention of electing a new government. No, we’re not even going to the polls with the intention of electing anyone. Instead we’re going to the polls with the sole purpose of getting rid of the current forked tongue opportunists.
I wonder how long we’re going to stay on this merry go ‘round.
If in fact, as the polls suggest, the environment is our number one priority, then lets not be foolish. Let’s do our research. Let’s find out which party has the best environmental policy and put them in power, coast to coast, with the biggest possible majority, so they can get the job done.
And lets relegate the rest of these wishy washy, do anything to get back in power, opportunists and bunglers, to where they belong, in the dust bin of Canadian political history.
Its up to us. We’re the ones with the real power, the power of the pencil on the ballot.


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