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Friday, March 17, 2006

Is the US calling Harper's shots

Since writing the piece, "Time for Harper to show his cards" I have been receiving information from several sources that Harper did in fact receive US money for his campaign.
One roundabout source of information is former Conservative leadership contender David Orchard, who claims Harper did in fact receive US dollars, and the major job of the PM's spin doctors has been to conceal the fact and make Harper appear to be a moderate. We knew that.
Remember back in the debates when Harper said he'd publicly revealed the sources of his campaign contributions but no one seemed to be able to recall, or find evidence, of the disclosure?
Orchard is also pointing at the media who he claims are buying the misinformation wholesale. We knew that too.
What we didn't know is that former US Vice President Al Gore, in an interview from Utah, "http://www.vivelecanada.ca/article.php/20060131003149749" claims that: "The election in Canada was partly about the tar sands projects in Alberta. And the financial interests behind the tar sands project poured a lot of money and support behind an ultra conservative leader in order to win the election and to protect its interests."
In the same interview Gore also warned that financial interests in the US are urging Harper to back out of the Kyoto agreement.
We didn't know what Gore was saying because it wasn't widely reported in Canada, which is odd, because the Canadian media usually picks up on what Mr. Gore has to say.
If Gore's allegation are true, then there is some serious criminality going on with Harper and his gang. It is, as far as I understand it, illegal for Canadian political parties to accept money from foreign nationals for election campaigns!
I am also seeing signs of a media whitewash of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's dealings with billionaire Karl-Heinz Schreiber. Schreiber claims to have given Mulroney large sums of money. Mulroney says he had no dealings whatsoever with Schreiber. If what Schreiber says is true, then Mulroney could be guilty of perjury.
The media isn't talking about it much, some claiming its old news. It's only old news if one ignores how many former Mulroney cronnies are now taking high ranking jobs in the Harper government, including former finance minister Michael Wilson, who is now Canada's ambassador to the US!
So, from appearances, there seems to be some hidden agenda tied to US money going on behind the scenes in the Harper government. One must wonder how much this is influencing Harper's decision to disallow debate on our military role in Afghanistan. Could it be the PM is concerned that such a debate may lead to information about foreign financial contributions to his election campaign being revealed!
As a former investigative journalist, my cat instincts smell a rat here! My instincts are telling me there should not only be a debate on Afghanistan, and an investigation into Harper's campaign finances, but also into his personal financial profile.
Does Mr. Harper own any stock in oil, munitions or arms trading companies?
Its a legitimate question because, despite the fact his portfolio is supposed to be held in trust while he's PM, any half wit can figure out that his oil stocks will increase in value if there is a war going on!
While some folks are calling for the RCMP to investigate some of the allegations I've outlined above, I'd prefer a public inquiry. Personally, I don't think the RCMP can be depended on to properly investigate dealings related to the military industrial complex because, as a police force, they are inextricably tied to the that complex. A public inquiry, by civilian authorities, would be the only way to ensure an objective revelation of exactly what is going on.
I also have to wonder, if a little guy like me, working from his home, can find signs of serious conflict of interest going on in the PMO, then where are the media and other political parties, who have the resources and ability to investigate these things.
To me, this is just one more reason in a long list of really good reasons why there should be a national debate over Afghanistan right now. And that's not all, there should also be a criminal investigation into Harper's campaign finances as well.
I'm sure the PM won't mind, afterall, he campaigned on cleaning up Ottawa and its ethics.


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