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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Harper attack ads on Colbert Report

Did anyone else out there notice the Conservative Party of Canada attack ads during the commercial break on the US political satire program, The Colbert Report, on Thursday Feb. 1?
Can you say “DESPERATE”?
Do the Tories actually believe Stehpen Colbert is the right wing ideologue he makes himself out to be?
Its bad enough the Conservatives are running attack ads when there is no official election in progress. Its worse they are choosing an American sports program, the Super Bowl, as a vehicle for their negativity. But to buy ad time on a US program with a mostly center-left demographic!
This latest move is akin to running a Marxist-Leninst ad between segments of Coach’s Corner or asking Amenesty International to support eliminating the term “habeous corpus” from legal reference dictionaries.
What on earth are Harper and his spin doctors thinking?
Obviously the Tories are trying to reach out beyond their own constuency, but to dive into a hard core, university educated, 18 to 25 year old, center-left demographic with negative advertising! What the blazes is going on?
Methinks there must be counter revolutionaries working at Tory HQ!
If the Harper Tories think they are going to find soft liberal support in the Colbert audience then there is proof positive that eating Canadian beef definitely leads to brain damage.
At the best of times, running pro-right ads during the Colbert Report could be considered a waste of dollars, but in this case, its like Hilary Clinton asking George W. Bush to nominate her at the Democratic Convention.
Stephen Harper check your face, because I think you may have just bit your own nose off!
Then again, its all par for the course.
Remember, this is the same Stephen Harper who wants Canadians to believe his recent conversion to environmental concern has nothing to do with the polls, that a military solution can be successful in Afghanistan, that George Bush was right to invade Iraq, and that giving parents $120 a year per child is going to resolve their daycare issues.
NEWS FLASH FOR STEPHEN HARPER: Stephen Colbert is a political satarist who is only feigning his support of George W. Bush. His audience is overwhelmingly in the 18 to 25 year old age bracket, university educated, socially progressive, and as likely to vote for a right wing government as Saddam Hussein is to win a seat in the US Congress. The Colbert Report is not a post game sports program, but a comedy satire that makes fun of guys like you!

All I can say Stephen is that you’d better hope Stephen Colbert does not get wind of the fact you and your Tories have purchased ad time on his time slot, because if he does he’s likely going to make you look like the silliest politician since Pat Paulson.
Oh, too late. I already told him about it!


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