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Saturday, March 24, 2007


Remember a year or two ago when MPs like Carolyn Parrish and Sheila Copps were being tossed for calling George Bush a moron. Do you recall what a fuss our current PM put up back then about how such statements were slanderous and dangerous and an afront to people.
In the past few weeks that same person, one Stephen Harper, has torn a page from the slandering book and accused one Liberal MP of being associated with the Air India bombing, and the entire Liberal party of being in bed with the Taliban, yet he’s not being held accountable, forced to resign, or censured in any way.
Apparently its not okay for members of government to call the lying, deceiving, war mongering president of the United States a moron, but it is okay to falsely accuse members of the Canadian parliament of being traitors and terrorists!
Remember way back, when the reform movement in Canada started, and how it gathered a lot of its support and political steam by abmonishing Ottawa for showing Quebec special treatment while the west got left in the cold. Do you also recall how Harper and his predecessors, Day and Manning, scolded the then Liberal and Conservative governments for being too friendly to Quebec?
Did you catch the budget last week? In case you didn’t notice, Quebec got a 34 per cent increase in its federal transfer payments in that budget. Meanwhile, the western provinces received only single digit increases! Anyone else catching the hypocracy in that?
Remember how our current PM scolded the Martin government for going on spending sprees just before election calls? Have you noticed all of Harper’s spending this past month as we grow closer to a possible election?
I do believe I could go on listing, for hours and pages, all the things Mr. Harper used to regale against, and now embraces, but the bottom line in such musing would be this, hypocracy! That’s what you call a person who says one thing and then does another. Another word that comes to mind is moron. A moron is someone who is of feeble mind or degenerate dispositon. One might rightfully argue that someone who is hyprocritical and uses things such as slander and baseless accusations against others is a feeble and degenerate personality.
All this in mind, it seems one of the questions Canadians must ask themselves before they mark thier ballots in the coming election is this: Do we really want a moronic hypocrite for Prime Minister?


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