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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Harper plays hide and seek

Declaring federal cabinet meetings secret!
Ordering cabinet members to clear all public announcements and comments through the Prime Minister’s Office!
Banning cabinet members from speaking to the media on their way into and out of cabinet meetings!
Refusing to disclose a full list of his campaign contributions and contributors!
Barring debate on the role of Canadian forces abroad!
Threatening to ignore the ethics commissioner if he ruled against the Prime Minister!
Refusing to answer questions he deems “unsubstantial.”
Stephen Harper ran for office, in part, on a platform of openess and transparency. So far its working. He’s openly secretive and transparently dictatorial! We can clearly see that he does not trust his own cabinet to speak publicly, and it is no secret to any of us that he does not like answering questions.
What’s next, when people start questioning why he needs so much privacy in public office, will he declare the whole of parliament private!
Keep up the cloak and dagger approach Mr. Harper, and there’s going to be a lot of people looking to find out what’s going on behind the closed curtain.


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