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Friday, December 14, 2007

Update on the blogger himself

A while back someone asked me how I was doing. This is the answer he got.

Upheaval springs to mind, mostly because I'd like it to. Yeah, looks like Kaslo for the winter, but I'm off to Harrop for a month tomorrow, at least that's the plan. Then back here.
Autumn in full splendour with Indian Summer and bears in the yard. We have two this year. One fat black and a small Griz, who seemed to have paired up, at least for the time being.
Big fascist movement going on here. Nelson City Council denied the permit for the latest peace rally. The city police have been arresting American Draft Resistors and Deserters so that Canadian lawyers can make money bailing them out. Got people living in the streets. Rents are so high in Nelson all the poor folks have moved out. Even out here, and in the valley, the cost of land has gone up so high and the housing crunch is so tight, the poor can't live there either.
Meanwhile, the bears are in the yard cause their orchards and berry patches have been torn up to be replaced by monster houses built by Albertans who only live in them two months a year. Seventy percent of the houses in Argenta are now absentee owners, but locals have no place to go.
But its all okay because the Olympics are coming.
RCMP, who are supposed to be all cured up from their fiascos, tasered a Polish guy in Vancouver Airport last week. Poor guy was lost in the airport for 10 hours and couldn't find his way out or anyone to speak to him in Polish. Eventually he got excited and security called in the mounties who didn't even bother to try to calm the guy down, they just tasered him! And he died! Then some guy who recorded the whole thing on his camera gave it to the cops. Now the cops won't give it back because they've been telling the media that they did try to calm the guy down! I don't know why I put these exclamation marks in here, its really business as usual for a fascist state. Sad thing in this story is: the guy who died, his Mom was in the airport looking for him the whole time, and spent most of the day within a few meters of the guy, but on the wrong side of a security barrier.
We got fascists in Nelson, Victoria and Ottawa. We got fascists in Washington. Hell, we got fascists in the retail shops too!
Have your heard, our dollar is now worth more than the US greenback! But guess what, our prices haven't gone down. You know on books over here how there's always a US and Canuck price. Well, there still is, and they are still charging us 30 percent more than the Americans pay. Finally, something is pissing people off. You would hope it would be the environment, or Afghanistan, or water, or healthcare, but no, people are pissed off that they're getting over charged at the furniture store! Its worth being pissed off about, but I think we have bigger fish to fry. This creeping fascism for example.
Go to China boy! At least there's some sense of community there. This place is dog eat dog, and there's lots of dogs!
Oh, you asked how life's treating me! Oh fine, just fine.
Oh bullshit!
Here I am in my mid fifties, in the best shape of my life, I can crack nuts with my thighs, and my intellect is working overtime, but I can't afford a place of my own, the girls all tell me I remind them of their Daddy, and all my freinds are fat old farts who are mortgaged to the ears, and the biggest adventure in their lives is my travelogs! I'm still the kid in the room until I look in the mirror, which startles the hell out of me. Not because I'm so cute, but because, sometimes, I don't remember how it is I got to be as old as my father!
Man, I used to go to peace demonstrations where there was half a million people. We took up every road and parking lot in a 20 mile radius. Now I go and there's maybe 200 people, and the town is making us stay on the sidewalk.
Fuckin' TV.
Oh yeah, this was supposed to be about me. Obviously my testosterone levels are good, and I still have some fire in my loins, and I ain't given up hope, though I think Hope escaped to Costa Rica where she makes a living teaching Yoga to retired American Yuppies. I don't expect to hear from her much, but I do keep her in mind. Hell, maybe I should be in some southern clime teaching poetry to up and coming Yuppie Larvae. If I stay around here I might end up in Gitmo.
Wish bank robbery was still an acceptable practice. I'd walk on down the corner, make a withdrawl, and join you in China when my winter hibernate is through. Don't worry, not much danger of that.
I'd probably go to Germany, at least the politicians there are sane enough not to send their troops into southern Afghanistan!
Idiots are ruling the world, and I'm busy doing work shares just to keep from getting frost bite. That pisses me off.
Guess I'm just caught up in it all. When I was young I was always waiting for the world to come knocking at my door. Now it is and all I can think to do is tell it to bugger off!
Anyway my friend. I'm lonely. Got no one to rant at. Guess you're it tonight.
Glad to know you're well.
Go To China, if you come back here I'll enlist you in the revolution and you too will wind up doing workshares at 55 just to keep from Frostbite!



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