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Friday, December 14, 2007

Break Up the Party in Canadian Politics

The real problem in Canadian governance is the partisan politics, and the only way to resolve that problem is for the Canadian voter to reject the parties. Perhaps then we'll see some real
change in our national and provincial political scene.
Here again is another ploy to get people to vote for another political party. I've looked at the Green's policies. Yes they are strong on the environment, but their environmental policies are not far off from where the NDP's are. I've also looked at their economic policy. In the last election they were suggesting 50 per cent tax cuts, which would be disastrous to our social safety net if it were ever instituted. I've also looked at their social policies, which are somewhere right of the Harper Conservative's. Yes, I said "right" of Harper!
It is time for real change in Canadian politics, and I don't believe voting for any party is going to achieve that. The parties are the problem! If Canadians really want change, then it is incumbent upon us to bust up the party!
My suggestion is that we all seriously consider voting Independent.
Lets find the independent candidate who we feel best represents the riding, and who has a decent reputation in the riding for caring about the people and place. If such a candidate can't be found, then I suggest we vote for the independent candidate who is most likely to cause a
kafluffle in Ottawa, or Victoria, whichever the case may be. If we can't find a viable non-partisan person to elect, then lets send a loonie to the loonie bin, and really stir things up.
That aside, the one thing that could change the way politics is done in this country is to get all those folks who don't vote to finally vote, especially those people who are so disenfranchised they don't believe their vote matters. If we can just get the people who don't vote to vote, then we will at least have governance by the people, instead of governance by the wealthy, which is our current situation, because it is mostly the wealthy who vote.
Finally, anyone who believes one party or the other is going to save our country is living in a dream world. History shows that parties are partisan. Once they are in power, their greatest preoccupation is self promotion, not service. Parties serve the parties, not the
An example of this is the Green Party leader's deal with the federal Liberals to run in Peter McKay's riding. Another is Stephen Harper's recent cow-tow to Quebec. Stephane Dion is unwilling to cause an election, despite the Conservative's inaction on the Kyoto Accord and a national debate on Afghanistan, because his party can't afford to run a national campaign. Then there's the NDP, who when they came to power in BC, promptly cut funding and services to hospitals and welfare. And let's not forget the phat MLA raise the provincial parties granted themselves this past year. We can fatten MLA pensions but we won't build houses for the province's homeless.

I hope we voters will soon give the parties what they really deserve, which is a good swift boot!

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