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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Spare me the JFK-style Bhutto hype

It amazes me how quick we are to take up the government position on this murder and blame it on Al Queada (which really does not exist as an international entity but is a term used to describe several loosely knit or unconnected groups who for one reason or another have a bone to pick with the powers that be), or the Taliban.
I wonder what happened to the presumption of innocence, or is that just reserved for those of us in the west?
I also wonder about the concept of hard evidence. What happened to it? I've not seen, read or heard, anything that conclusively ties either the Taliban or the so-called Al Queada to this incident. It reminds me of the WMD argument that sent the US guns ablaze into Iraq.
In fact, based on all I've read and watched this past two days, I'd have to say the arrow points towards either Bhutto's opposition, or the Pakistani president.
The opponent, Sharif, is the one who really stands to gain from this action. With Bhutto gone, he stands to win big time. I'd say he looks like a likely suspect.
And if it is true the current president of Pakistan is as power mad as he's made out to be, then removing Bhutto potentially works in his favour too. It will be understandable now, according to many of our western pundits, if he were to crack down and cancel the coming election.
The big loser in all this is America. Bhutto was their candidate, her very presence back in Pakistan as a direct result of work by Condoleeza Rice and the Bush Administration. So I would suggest that rules out American involvement.
As an aside, I wonder how many people who are outrightly praising the slain former Prime Minister actually know much about her. Are they aware of her American ties, the fact she attended university there, and lived a good part of her life in the west.
Do they know about her government and the many charges levelled against it, some successfully prosecuted?
And what do they know about her party? Without a good deal of cooperation from the current President, and backing from the US, Bhutto would not have been able to get anywhere near the Prime Ministerial office in the upcoming election. She is being praised in death as having been the potential savior of Pakistan, but was she really?
I don't mean to diminish in anyway the woman's courage or conviction. Clearly she believed she was doing the right thing, and her death is truly and sad and troubling thing for Pakistan and the world. However, getting back to my intial point, I am very disturbed by some of the rhetoric I'm hearing and reading, and by the fact that both the people and the mainstream media seem to be going along with what they are being told, instead of digging and insisting the real truth be told.
If you feel bad about Benazir Bhutto, then it seems the proper thing to do would be to demand from our leaders, and the media, they get to the bottom of the vicious crime, demand an autopsy, demand independent investigation, apprehension and prosecution.
Most of all, I want to encourage everyone not to necessarily believe what we are being told by people who weren't there and did not see what went down.

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