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Friday, December 14, 2007

What's Wrong With the RCMP

As jobs go, becoming a member of the RCMP is a relatively easy task. It basically require six months training, Then poof, you're a mountie!
At very least members, or those folks wishing to become members of Canada's national police force, should have to already possess a BA in some related field, or have at least a couple years experience in social service, criminology, law, or some other field of expertise before being accepted at the RCMP academy.
As it is, just about anyone who passes a fitness test can become a cop. As a result, we end up with folks who have little or no experience, outside the six months basic training, being put in difficult situations they are not trained to deal with.
I would also suggest the RCMP training needs to last at least two years, and involve training in first aid, law, martial arts, cultural sensitivity, and a variety of other studies.
What's wrong with Canada's police?
The simply answer is, quite correctly, they are not properly prepared for, and many are not properly suited to, the job they have undertaken.

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