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Sunday, December 30, 2007

What if? A new year's questionaire

What if

What if George W. Bush is actually the reincarnation of Neville Chamberlain? That would certainly explain his penchant for “preemptive” strikes!

What if Dick Cheney is actually as he appears to be? Be afraid, be very afraid!

What if Stephen Harper is actually who he appears to be? Yuk! Barf!

What if Santa is actually Satan and the spelling of his name is just a typo? If the red suit fits, wear it.

What if the thing we think is the moon glowing at night is actually a gynecologist's headlamp and this world a birth canal?

What if we could live forever? Would we really want to?

What if Jesus were to actually return in some sort of great parade out of the sky to judge us all? Would you be shitting in your boots too?

What if we carpet bombed with rice instead of munitions? Would those foreigners like us any better?

What if we actually did stop building, and selling, weapons? Would we have to worry about weapons of mass destruction anymore?

What if everyone who was elidgible to vote actually voted?

What if we found out the world was going to end at midnight tonight? Would we treat one another any better?

What if, instead of spending billions on weapons, we gave every man woman and child in the country one million dollars? Would that make our national debt worthwhile?

What would happen if we all actually did make love, not war?

What would happen if we actually did, as John Lennon suggested, Give Peace a Chance? Will we ever know?

What if Jesus already did come back, and we did the same thing to him again already? Are we in trouble yet? Apparently no one knew who he was back then either!

What if we did make all our cars and other machines run on wind, air, water, hydrogen, biodiesel and anything but oil? Then could we let the folks in the middle east be?

What if we ignore global warming and conduct business as usual? Will Stephen Harper be proven correct?

What if economics were actually more important than everything else? Would this still be a beautiful world?

What if the private sector really could, and was committed to, providing services to the public? Would we even need a government?

What if employees were actually considered to be a company’s most important asset by the company?

What if one person could actually change the world? What would you do?

What if you vote actually does count? Will you ever bother to find out?

What if the subconscious is actually the concsious, and the conscious the subconscious? Who are you in your other life?

What if the dream state is reality and this is the dream state? Is yours pleasant or a nightmare?

What if we actually do control our own destinies? Where are you going?

What if the world is really as George Bush says it is? Would it be worth the bother?

What if Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Bobby Kennedy and Mahatma Ghandi had survived? What do you think they’d have to say today?

What if there had been a red under every bed? Would things be any different?

What if freedom really exists? Well, does it?

What if love really is all you need? Would you pass some on?



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