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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Harper-Baird Approach to Good Neighbourliness

I’ve noticed a lot of Harper supporters, writing to local newspapers and in blogs, pointing out that some folks in the environmental movement can be perceived as hyporcites and therefore, their concerns about the Harper envirnoment no-plan should be dismissed.
They suggest that because some pro-environment folks, such as David Suzuki, who apparently likes soybeans, and Al Gore, who runs a lot of lights in his mansion, can be viewed as hypocritical, we should ignore the issue of climate change. These letters also support the Stephen Harper position of "wait and see" and "lets make the other guys do something first" approach to saving the environment.
Since when do Canadians wait and see what the rest of the world is going to do before we take the lead?
Had that been our approach to world affairs there would be no United Nations, no peacekeeping, no insulin, no telephone, no English ruled England (WWII), and no Canada Arm, to name a few things the world would be without if Canada always waited for other countries to pull up their socks.
Well written as some of these letters are, they are no more than a very clever way of shooting the messenger instead of hearing the message and taking responsibility.
Contrary to what these neocons have to say, our Prime Minister and his ministers took a very un-Canadian position at the recent conference in Bali. What's more, their approach to the environmental crisis we are now facing does nothing but exasperate the problem.
Lets put this in perspective.
What if I refuse to clean up my yard until my neighbour cleans up his?
What if that neighbour refuses to clean up his yard until I clean up mine?
Will either of us clean up our yard?
Then, when our neighbours see that neither of us are cleaning up, and decide they too will hop on the "I'm not cleaning up until they do" bandwagon, what's going to become of our neighbourhood?
The Harper-Baird show in Bali was an embarrassment to all Canadians, and clever plays on words in newspaper editorial pages and right wing blogs do no more to change that than the Harper-Baird plan does to fix the environment.
BTW: If I go digging around in these winger’s private lives, will I find some contradictions and hyprocracies?
We all have them. Would you like to be judged on yours?

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